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Publication award

Award for best article in english in 2015

Vegard Jarness, postdoctor at Dept. of Sociology, was awarded best article in english in 2015 by the Norwegian Sociology Assosiation for the article ”Cultural vs Economic Capital: Symbolic Boundaries Within the Middle Class”.

Vegard Jarness
Maude Hansen

Main content

The article is published in the honorable british Journal of Sociology, and focuses on an insufficiently studied link in cultural class analysis, namely that between class-structured lifestyle differences and social closure.

The award committee states that the article is "a joy to read " and "in particular the article is a contribution to the sociological theory development through it's creative combination of perspectives of Pierre Bourdieu , Michèle Lamont and Max Weber". 

Read the article here (abo):

Sociology, August - 2015