Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty administration

The administrative staff at the Faculty of Social Sciences is organized in three sections, student affairs, HR and financial services, in addition to staff working with research and communication.

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Deputy Director General

Alette Gilhus Mykkeltvedt, Phone: +47 55 58 90 66 / +47 411 20 404

Assistant Director

Wenche Karin Førre, Phone: +47 55 58 91 64 / +47 412 94 058

Human Resources

Bjørn Arild Petersen: Principal Officer

Tlf. 55 58 93 72

Even Michal Endresen: Senior Executive Officer

Bodil Hægland: Senior Executive Officer

Ruth Larsen: Senior Executive Officer

Senior Executive Officer


Academic Affairs and Doctoral Education

Kirstine Kolsrud: Head of Academic Affairs

Phone +47 55 58 91 74

Hege Aarethun: Senior Executive Officer

Borghild Gramstad: Senior Executive Officer

    Hanne Widnes Gravermoen: Adviser

    Hege Cecilie Osnes Holvik: Higher Executive Officer

    Jannicke Lervik-Kristensen: Senior Executive Officer

    Hilde Marie Rognås: Adviser

    Ulrikke Schill: Senior Executive Officer

    Eva Svensson: Adviser

    Brith Åse Sætre: Higher Executive Officer


    Financial Services

    Research and Communication

    Nils Gunnar Songstad: Senior Adviser