Faculty of Social Sciences

Midway assessment

All PhD candidates at UiB must go through midway assessment. The assessment shall be carried out half-way in the course of the doctoral education, and no later than one year before planned submission of the thesis. The department is responsible for the evaluation to take place.

The main purpose of the arrangement is to help the PhD-candidate by identifying potential risks for the project to halt or become delayed. The assessment is also meant to enhance the quality of the thesis by providing input.

The midway assessment should be carried out according to the following guidelines. The midway assessment: 

  • Must be a part of the overall follow-up of the candidate
  • Must include an evaluation of the status of progress of the research project and the training component
  • Must be carried out with at least three members of the academic staff present. Under normal circumstances this will be the two supervisors and one of the leaders at the department
  • Must be carried out as a seminar or a meeting, or a combination. Sensitive feedback must be given in a closed forum or by personal communication
  • Must focus on the individual candidate's doctoral project - not to be dealt with as a group
  • Must result in a realistic plan for the completion of the doctoral education
  • Should result in a fixed plan of action for candidates who does not satisfy the expected progression

After the midway assessment is carried out, the department must submit a short report to the faculty. The report must state that the evalution has been carried out and names of the persons present

The department might issue a more extensive report to the candidate. The report can include the following:

  • Who has done the evaluation
  • Completed courses and dissemination activities
  • Manuscripts in progress and manuscripts submitted
  • Challenges
  • Follow-up/measures to be executed (if applicable)
  • Other comments