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This archive provides authentic videos, news articles, research overviews and more from an amazing period in media tech history (2016-2021). The exploration of emerging surveillance technologies such as drones, smart phones, and 360 cameras was clearly ahead of its time. ViSmedia was inspired by EU´s responsible research and innovation framework (RRI), with a special focus on dialogue and educational interdisciplinarity.  The project included numerous playful activities, for instance critical scenario-building and student-focused research conferences. Our final video experiment was the Visual Futures of the Media conference, disseminated during the covid outbreak. It is all in here. Enjoy!

University Aula

Future Predictions and Final Goodbyes

How could satellite imagery change journalism? What can technical experts do with deepfakes? And how should we best prepare the students to deal with the technologies we don't know yet? These were some of the questions the last and final ViSmedia conference, Visual futures of the media, aimed to...

Hedvig Idås,  Ronja Schrøder, Christina Prestegård and Fredrikke Urholt

The Story Behind the Student Scenarios at the Visual Futures Conference

In February 2020, ten bachelor students in TV production at Media City Bergen worked intensively on a new project. They were challenged to develop three video scenarios and SoMe content for the fifth and last ViSmedia conference, which was going to be held in the Bergen University Aula in March.

Illustration Deepfakes

The Real Threat of Fake Faces

Imagine a video of Donald Trump appearing in your social media feed. Would you ask yourself if the video is real? Well, why shouldn’t it be? This is the reality of deepfakes. How can fake imitations be a threat to the integrity of democratic elections?


On the Inside of the Mojo Community

Where do tech savvy journalists gather to explore mobile technologies? Researchers Anja Salzmann, Frode Guribye and Astrid Gynnild have investigated the activities of the Mojo Community, a global hub of devoted mobile journalists and content creators.


– Engineers are Not Just Building Things, They are Building Society and Social Relationships

What is the relationship between technology and society? And how can engineers learn more about the social implications of their daily work?


We investigate how the adoption and adaptation of visual surveillance technologies in the news media might be optimized in ways that incorporate and integrate aspects of societal responsibility in quality journalism.