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Immersive Journalism


Immersive Journalism is a form of journalism production that allows first person experience of the events or situations described in news reports and documentary film.

Matrise: VR, Science & Philosophy

Virtual Reality Journalism
Author: Joakim Vindenes
Published: 2018-03

MIT Press Journals

Immersive Journalism: Immersive Virtual Reality for the First-Person Experience of News
Authors: Nonny de la Peña, Peggy Weil, Joan LloberaElias Giannopoulos Ausiàs Pomés, Bernhard Spanlang, Doron Friedman, Maria V Sanchez-Vives and Mel Slater.
Published: 2010-10

Journal of Virtual World Research

Journalism in virtual worlds
Authors: Ricardo Cruz, Ricardo Fernandes
Published: 2011-07

Academic Mindtrek '16 Conference

Journalism in virtual reality: opportunities and future research challenges
Authors: Esa Sirkkunen, Heli Väätäjä, Turo Uskali, Parisa Pour Rezaei
Published: 2016-10

Journal of Applied Journalism and Media Studies

From the high ground to the swamp: A model for immersive journalism research
Author: Sarah Niblock
Publication date: 2015-04

Journal of Media Practice

Disrupting the narrative: immersive journalism in virtual reality
Author: Sarah Jones
Published: 2017-9