Journalist Workshop: What Happens When the Numbers Lie?

If you as a journalist can detect how information is manipulated by algorithms, many news stories are waiting for you.

Noda16 academic: Nicholas Diakopoulos - Algorithmic accountability

IN ACTION: See Diakopoulos’ presentation at the NODA conference in Finland in May 2016.

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On September 6, associate professor Nicholas Diakopoulos from University of Maryland holds a groundbreaking workshop for journalists in Bergen Journalistlag. The venue is Logen Teater from 7-9 pm.

In the workshop, journalists will learn methods and techniques to test what Diakopoulos calls algorithmic accountability. Diakopoulos has previously held similar workshops in Finland and in the United States.

Read more about the workshop here.

Read an interview with Diakopoulos on På Høyden here (in Norwegian).