ViSmedia Hunting Visualisation Techies for Prototype Research

Are you interested in developing new technologies? Would you like to take video production one step further?

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Magnus Hagdorn/Flickr

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The ViSmedia project is seeking candidates for a vacant PhD position in HCI and program development to begin in September 2016. Read more about the vacant position at jobbnorge.no:https://www.jobbnorge.no/ledige-stillinger/stilling/127126/postdoktor

The preferred candidate will have the opportunity to team up with experienced researchers Lars Nyre and Bjornar Tessem in the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, and will be a member of the ViSmedia research group.

“We are very excited about the new project that we are soon starting,” says Professor Nyre.  “Our aim is to build several prototypes of a new audiovisual information system.  The project will include user investigations and interaction design as well as programming.  We want to explore new visual technologies for searching, tagging, manipulating, and distributing news videos on cell phones.”

Professor Bjornar Tessem adds, “the candidate we’re looking for will be engaged in the visual program development and a number of experiments.  He or she should be prepared to work on a variety of visual data sources.  We intend to advance options for facial recognition as well as other types of visual recognition.”

The candidate will be part of a larger team that will construct a new media prototype for a period of three years.  Nyre will be responsible for content production and user testing, while Tessem will oversee the programming of the prototype.  The ViSmedia network, headed by Professor Astrid Gynnild, will give feedback to the prototype team based on preliminary findings, and aid in the testing and adjusting of the new medium.