ViSmedia Hunting for a Post-doc Researcher in Journalism and Tech Ethics

The ViSmedia project is seeking a post-doctoral researcher for a 3-year engagement to begin in the fall of 2016.

Iain Watson/Flickr

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Are you concerned about new ethical issues arising from the rapid technological developments in journalism?  Are you interested in mobile phones, drones, or other visual tech tools?  Read more about the vacant position at jobbnorge.no:https://www.jobbnorge.no/ledige-stillinger/stilling/127126/postdoktor

”The surveillance capabilities of emerging technologies are literally endless,” says professor Astrid Gynnild. She refers to the fact that news media databases are increasingly filled with videos and images from anonymous sources. The links between textual information and visual content are often arbitrary. Editors and journalists are having a hard time keeping up with ethical issues that arise from visual news overload. ” We are looking for a devoted researcher who wants to take journalism ethics and the processing of visual content one step further,” says Gynnild.

The selected candidate will get the opportunity to specialize in transparency and accountability aspects of visual journalism communication. Says Gynnild, ”He or she will be part of an interdisciplinary and international research team. The team investigatesopportunities and dilemmas of producing and disseminating visual content on established and emerging platforms.”  According to Gynnild, the ViSmedia project would be interested in devoted researchers from media studies as well as law and other related disciplines.  Projects should focus on ethical and/or regulatory aspects of current news practices. Innovative and solution oriented approaches are valued.