Drone War Demands Debate

A new generation drone weapons is on the way. In a published op-ed, Rune Ottosen urges the media to elevate the debate about these weapons.

Robert Nedrejord

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"By utilizing drones as weapons directed at targets outside your country's borders, a basic question must be asked: Is it a a breach in folkeretten to use unmanned aircrafts in order to kill probable terrorists, and at the same time hurt or kill innocent civilians in a country far away. 

Ottesen calls for more debate around drones as weapons in his new op-ed, published in the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. This text is based on the newly published book Droner i sivilsamfunnet (Drones in Civil Society), which Ottesen wrote a chapter in. Several other ViSmedia researchers contributed to the book, edited by head of ViSmedia, Astrid Gynnild.

The new generation weapons he writes about are robot weapons that can point out and fire its lethal carriage.