Drones: Testing Freedom

Drone challenges was the subject in question when University of Jyväskylä interviewed ViSmedia researcher Turo Uskali.

John Jones/Flickr

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Professor Uskali is clear: The drones are coming, and responsible drone journalism is needed.

"Drones are also the newest test for the Freedom of Expression, and Freedom of the Press," Uskali says.

He adds:

"Sorry, the interview is in Finnish."

Assuming you understand Finnish, read the full interview with Uskali here. If not, you can watch this drone video from the sky above University of Jyyväskylä, edited by Sari Laapotti:

JYU Campus in March 2018

Read more about drones from the ViSmedia conference "Drones in the Media", where drones were said to be a game changer in society.