Seminar: Ethics in Internet Research at MCB

Which dilemmas do we most often run into when researching people on the Internet, and how can these issues be solved? This is one among many questions you can seek answers to at Media City Bergen this coming Thursday.

Cyber Ethics
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Where do we draw the line between what's private and what's public in social media? What invites confidentiality and anonymity? When do we need informed consent, and how do we understand "personvern" (privacy) in Norwegian?ViSmedia has invited professor Dag Elgesem to speak about central dilemmas that researchers face when they collect personal data from the Internet. Dag has previously been head of the secretariat in The National Committee for Research Ethics in the Social Sciences and the Humanities (NESH). He is one of the people who has conducted a lot of work concerning these questions in Norway, and he has been a part of developing the current guidelines.In this seminar, Dag will speak about these questions, and there will be time for questions and discussion afterwards. We ask everybody who'll like to attend this seminar to read up on the Open access book "Internet Research Ethics" (red. Hallvard Fossheim og Ingjerd Helene) in advance. Especially chapter one, which is written by Dag: https://press.nordicopenaccess.no/index.php/noasp/catalog/book/3.The seminar will take place in UiB's part of Media City Bergen, in meeting room 1. It's open to all scientific employees and students at UiB. Limited number of seats.

ViSmedia also has an event on Facebook for this seminar.