Verifying visual user-generated content in the news media

In a time of fake news, how can we help journalists to verify visual user-generated content? As a graduate student in HCI/Information Science, Anette Drønen Sunde developed a prototype called VIBI.

Anette Drønen Poster
Anette Drønen

Main content

The prototype was designed to support early-career journalists in their daily work when managing and verifying visual user-generated content. Graduate students in journalism found the tool very helpful.   

Crucial methods

The methods Anette applied in the master´s thesis are crucial in her work as a user experience (UX) designer. Anette got a permanent position at Kantega, an IT consultant agency in Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim that develops IT solutions for a variety of fields. The agency is fully owned by its 180 employees. With her background as a graphic designer within a local newspaper, the development of the VIBI prototype served as a bridgebuilder from the media domain to a multitude of domains. “The ViSmedia project helped me to transition from being purely a graphic media designer to becoming a more research based UX designer. Until you walk the path, you don´t know where it goes,” Anette says.

Read Annettes thesis here

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