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If you as a journalist can detect how information is manipulated by algorithms, many news stories are waiting for you.
Jan H. Landro will interview professor Deborah G. Johnson on September 13 in Bergen.
From September 7-9 the ViSmedia Fall Seminar 2016 was held in Clarion Hotel Admiral in Bergen.
“A magic hour,” said one of the attendants at the seminar at the House of Literature in Bergen. Read the full 60 minute conversation here.
The Norwegian Polytechnic Society, The Research Council of Norway and Fritt Ord are hosting a debate on September 27.
The ongoing ‘migration crisis’ has painfully revealed many of the geographical contradictions of the European project.
ViSmedia researchers Frode Guribye and Lars Nyre’s paper just published in the Journalism Practice journal.
The smartphone is the new Swiss Army Knife for media enthusiasts. Mojo storytelling and livestreaming are changing the premises for visual journalism. What matters is the spotting of visual news in new ways, and doing it faster than everyone else. Soon our smartphones will be able take pictures and videos at the command of your voice.