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ViSmedia Researcher Turo Uskali is frequently used as an expert on journalism innovation in Finnish media.
How are algorithms being deployed in decision-making processes? This question was posed at a panel event on algorithmic transparency and accountability in New York.
In a master thesis last year, Joar Midthun set out to design a science research artefact for anonymizing faces in images.
In a brand new article published in Journalism Studies, Professor Paul C. Adams provides practical guidelines for producing unbiased maps about immigration.
The experienced media attorney Jon Wessel-Aas says encrypted technology helps people take back their privacy. Encrypted technology is getting increasingly available.
Prosopo seeks to give anonymized images a face. On October 4, the app was presented at Digital Day in Grieghallen in Bergen.
Astrid Gynnild is heading to Odense to discuss opportunities and dilemmas of drone journalism in responsible manners.
If anyone can take a photo, what is the role of photojournalism in our time? This is one of many questions this special issue of Nordic Review explores.
Could face morphing have a potential in a journalistic setting?
In what ways are drone technologies useful to the news media? What are the obstacles, and what are the dangers? Can anyone be a civil drone pilot, and what is allowed above 120 meters height?
In mid-March, Lars Nyre, Astrid Gynnild and Frode Guribye from the ViSmedia participated at the first European conference on RRI and higher education, HEIRRI, in Barcelona.
With a clear goal to spread the best of data journalism and investigative journalism, the third NODA conference took place in Helsinki.
As one of 15 experts, project leader of ViSmedia, professor Astrid Gynnild was interviewed by the internationally leading website of the drone industry, skytango.
The first educational project of ViSmedia will soon be disseminated across Europe. An experimental course in drone flying and programming is featured on two full pages in this year’s issue of the UiB Magazine.
The ViSmedia project is seeking a post-doctoral researcher for a 3-year engagement to begin in the fall of 2016.
Are you interested in developing new technologies? Would you like to take video production one step further?
On August 1, PhD-student Anja Salzmann joined the ViSmedia research group. For the next three years, Salzmann will investigate how journalists use mobile technology to produce visual content.
“The drones are changing the way we look at others”, says Øyvind Vågnes in relation to the current exhibition The Drones Are Coming.