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Visual Futures of the Media 2021

How could satellite imagery change journalism? What can technical experts do with deepfakes? And how should we best prepare the students to deal with the technologies we don´t know yet?

Visual Futures of the Media

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Welcome to Visual Futures of the Media January 19, 2021!

Date: January 19, 2021 
Location: Online Event 

The topic is new technologies in the news media – from many different perspectives. We invite you to take part in the discussion on long term implications of satellite surveillance of the globe as well as of the increasing numbers of moving cameras in traffic. In what ways do the increasing flows of imagery challenge news coverage?

Manipulating videos is easier than ever. Two American researchers ask the question “What can technical experts do to mitigate the harm of deepfakes?” The point of departure is their research on deepfakes during the American election. The dialogical, exploratory discussion by professors Nicholas Diakopoulos and Deborah G. Johnson will be livestreamed from Washington DC and Virginia. Finally, the event will provide new insights into innovative ways of experimenting with new technologies in media education.

The sessions are framed by short scenario videos created by bachelor students in TV production at Media City Bergen. The interactive panel debates will be moderated by the editor of broenxyz.com, Hilde Sandvik, and conference host is professor Øyvind Vågnes.

The event is facilitated by NCEMedia and the ViSmedia Project, Department of Information Science and Media Studies at the University of Bergen. It is funded by the Research Council of Norway and is carried out in accordance with the framework for responsible research and innovation (RRI) under the research program SAMANSVAR. This is the last conference in a series of five.

Watch the whole conference here:

Visual Futures of the Media 2021


00:04:30      Welcome by host Øyvind Vågnes

00:05:59      Opening, Oddrun Samdal, Pro Rector University of Bergen (EN)

00:13:56      Anticipating Visual Futures by Astrid Gynnild, University of Bergen (EN)

00:23:07     Scenario I: Ubiquitous News Surveillance from Above

00:27:50      Satellite Storytelling in Journalism by Turo Uskali, University of Juvaskylää (EN)

00:41:14      Surveilling Climate Change from Above by Paul C. Adams, University of Texas (EN)

01:01:00      Traffic Surveillance as Entertainment and Activism by Thomas Wold, Nord University (EN)

01:11:31      Interactive panel discussion. Moderated by Hilde Sandvik, Anja Salzmann & Kjersti Løken Stavrum

01:40:03     Scenario II: Visualizing Alternative Truths

01:42:32      What Should Technical Experts do About Deepfakes? by Nicholas Diakopoulos, Northwestern University (EN), and Deborah G. Johnson, University of Virginia (EN)

02:03:23      Interactive panel discussion. Moderated by Hilde Sandvik (EN), Térence Jarosz  & Frode Guribye

02:39:20     Scenario III: Experimental Learning in Immersive Environments

02:42:00      Innovation Pedagogy for Experimental Journalism by Lars Nyre, University of Bergen (EN

02:59:50      Virtual Reality as a Metamedium by Joakim Vindenes, University of Bergen (EN)

03:09:09      Interactive panel discussion. Moderated by Hilde Sandvik, Oddrun Samdal & Barbara Wasson(EN)