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Jan Martin Nordbotten invited speaker at InterPore 2024

Jan Martin Nordbotten will give an invited talk at InterPore 2024 about validating computational models for carbon storage. The main theme of InterPore 2024 will be porous media and biology.

Main content

Jan Martin Nordbotten will give an invited talk titled "Validating computational models for carbon storage" on May 16th at 08.30 am during this year's InterPore conference in Qingdao.


Abstract of the talk

As is common for subsurface applications, the planning and operation of geological carbon storage relies heavily on computational models. Arguably, several decades of experience from the extraction of subsurface resources support the validity of these tools, in particular during the active carbon dioxide injection and early post-injection phase. However, validation of long-term carbon storage performance, on the time-scales of hundreds of years after injection, cannot directly be justified by either existing engineering practice nor natural analogues.  

The FluidFlower validation and forecasting study was specifically designed to provide validation data for carbon storage. Moreover, by conducting a multi-institutional and multidisciplinary double-blind study, we were able to address the forecasting skill of the carbon storage simulation community. In this talk, we give an overview of the study's results, both from the perspective of model validation and assessment of forecasting skills.