Center for Modeling of Coupled Subsurface Dynamics
CSD Organization

Organization Structure and Management

The Board is CSD’s formal decision body. The Center Director is supported by the Center Management Team (MT) and the Industry Reference Group. The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) reports to the CSD Board and gives advice to the Center Director.


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CSD Pillars

The CSD is organized in four pillars, representing the center’s main activities. Three pillars (P1-P3) are funded by the VISTA program, two of which focus on research and the third on researcher training to ensure scientific and transferable skills training for PhD, Postdocs and Master students in the center. Affiliated research projects, which are funded through other grants, are structured in a separate pillar (PA).


The Management Team

Center directorProf. Inga Berre
Coordinator P1Prof. Morten Jakobsen
Coordinator P2Assoc. Prof. Kundan Kumar
Coordinator P3Prof. Jan Nordbotten


The CSD Board

Kenneth Ruud     chair              The Arctic University of Norway, The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
Anne Marit Blokhus Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Bergen
Unni Olsbye University of Oslo, The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
Antonella Zanna Munthe-Kaas Department of Mathematics, University of Bergen
Roger Solli Equinor
Atle Rotevatn Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen