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2020 Doktorgrader

2020 Doktorgrader

Flåte i Uralfjellene på vannet
Her ser vi uthenting av borekjerner i den største og dypeste sjøen i Uralfjellene, Bol. Schuchye (Den store gjeddesjøen på norsk). Det viser seg at oppbevaringen av DNA-molekyler i disse sedimentene er særdeles god og analysene reflektere en overaskende artsrik vegetasjon og hvor mange planter har overlevd både istiden og den etterfølgende varmetiden (Holosen-perioden) som vi nå lever i. Resultater fra disse DNA-undersøkelsene ble publisert i Nature Scientific Reports. 2019
John Inge Svendsen


Danielle Marie Howlett8.12.2020"Response of Deep-water Depositional Systems to Salt-Influenced Topography"
Helene Meling Stemland3.12.2020"Seismic acquisition and analysis in a changing Arctic
Martin Sarajærvi18.11.2020"Computationally Efficient Methods for Seismic Modeling and Inversion"
Kristian Agasøster Haaga3.11.2020“Causal interactions in the Earth system”
Isabel Edmundson10.9.2020“Elucidating key controls on top seal, lateral seal and fault seal capacity in hydrocarbon traps: insights from the Norwegian Continental Shelf”
Niklas Meinicke 25.6.2020"Clumped isotope thermometry in foraminifera - From calibration to Plio-Pleistocene temperature reconstructions in the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool"
Fabian Tillmans18.6.2020"Deep-water syn-rift sedimentation and tectonics"
Anneleen Geurts 8.6.2020"The interplay between surface processes and tectonics in the actively extending central Italian Apennines"
Johannes Daniel Wiest18.5.2020"Exhumation of the Caledonian Orogenic Infrastructure in West Norway"
Xingguo Huang14.5.2020"Modeling and inversion of seismic data using multiple scattering, renormalization and homotopy methods"
Magnhild Sydnes23.4.2020"Effects of magmatic intrusions on temperature history and diagenesis in sedimentary basins – and the impact on petroleum systems"
Karen Cecilie Johannessen17.4.2020“Biosignatures of iron-oxidizing bacteria in modern hydrothermal deposits and Proterozoic jaspers”
Aleksandra Smyrak-Sikora27.2.2020Development of extensional growth basins:  A field based study, Svalbard, Norway
Carl Regnéll14.2.2020Tracing the Eurasian Ice Sheet Complex - Studies from the Polar Ural Mountains and Scandinavia
Thomas Jan Leutert27.1.2020Clumped isotope thermometry as a new tool for reconstructing Miocene climate change
Jonathan Winfield Rheinlænder17.2.2020The role of ocean circulation and sea ice in abrupt climate change