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See the award winning presentation from MMIV

Presentation about medical imaging data, given at the Computer Graphics International Conference 2020

ParaGlyder: Probe-driven Interactive VisualAnalysis for Multiparametric Medical Imaging Data


This October four Bergen-based researchers, including Eric Mörth, Stefan Bruckner and Noeska Smit from the Department of Informatics, won the "CGI2020 Best Interdisciplinary Presentation Award". The whole presentation is now available for viewing in the video above.

Eric Mörth is presenting, and says this about the paper:

"Endometrial Cancer is the most common gynecological cancer in industrialized countries. To improve quality of live for the affected patients, researchers of the Mohn Medical Imaging and Visualization Center (MMIV) strive for a personalized treatment for every patient. In order to analyze the multiple medical imaging scans, we developed, together with gynecological tumor radiology experts, machine learning experts and neurological cancer imaging experts, ParaGlyder.

ParaGlyder is a design study in which we use interactive visual analysis to support the discrimination between healthy and cancerous tissue and to potentially highlight metastases. Finally, our application may help medical experts to provide fully personalized treatment for every patient to maximize the quality of life in the future for everyone affected by gynecological cancer."

Diploma for best interdisciplinary presentation award