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Medical Education Research Group

Medical and health professions education is a large international research field dedicated to the exploring a variety of aspects related to education, teaching, learning and assessment of health professionals.


At The Faculty of Medicine, University of Bergen, our medical education research group (Med.Ed) consists of faculty members from all five institutes who all share a common interest in education. Through monthly meetings we discuss research interest and work in progress at various stages – from idea and design to article drafts and conference proposals. Our aim is to provide a stable and encouraging research community for ph.d candidates and senior faculty who wish to pursue an academic career within medical education. We also invite faculty members who are working on smaller research projects, action research or other, to join our group for a shorter period and to use the research community as a resource into their work.

Contact Monika Kvernenes for more information.

Attached members (pr. March 2020):

Ass. prof. Monika Kvernenes 

Prof. Edvin Schei

Prof. Harald Wiker

Ass. Prof Stian Kreken Almeland

Ph.d candidate Eivind Valestrand

Ph.d candidate Cecilie Norman Birkeli

Ass. Prof. Thomas Mildestvedt

Prof. Arne Tjølsen

Prof. emeritus Anders Bærheim

Prof. Martin Biermann

Ass. Prof Reidun Kjome

Prof. Eirik Søfteland

Ph.d candidate Camilla Nordmann

Prof. Hartwig Kørner

Prof. Elisabeth Farbu