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Professor Andrew Lattas has recently published a new book based on his long-term anthropological engagement with Papua New Guinea
"The Hadrami Diaspora. Community-Building on the Indian Ocean Rim" by Prof. Leif Manger analyses the Hadramis of South Yemen. The book maps the emergence of their diasporic communities throughout the Indian Ocean region as an intriguing facet of the history of this region’s migratory patterns.
Global moments are breakthrough events that change people’s lives and their futures. They are developments that typically call for significant adaptation leading to new forms of cooperation or conflict.
Institutt for Sosialantropologi ønsker alle studenter velkommen til et nytt semester.
Det søkes både etter kandidater med mastergrad i sosialantropologi og viderekommende mastergradsstudenter.
This spring the Department of Social Anthropology will offer a new intensive course in anthropological theory and method (SANT280, 5 ECTS). The subject matter will change between semesters, featuring themes and areas of interest to the lecturer. The spring of 2010 Dr. Tone Bringa will be lecturing on "Islam and Muslim Societies in Southeastern Europe".
Annual Global Development Lecture, 11 November 2009: The ‘Feminisation of Poverty’: A Global Concept for a Globalising World? Professor Sylvia Chant, London School of Economics and Political Sciences
Analyzing both historical contexts and geographical locations, this volume explores the continuous reformation of state power and its potential in situations of violent conflict.
The Management of Natural Resources, Knowledge and Identity on the Eastern Black Sea Coast.
Louis Dumont’s concept of hierarchy continues to inspire social scientists. Using it as their starting point, they contributors to this volume introduce both fresh empirical material and new theoretical orientations.
"This is a courageous piece of work in many ways - for its ethnographic and theoretical boldness, but also for doggedly sticking to local idioms and sensibilities when considering 'development' activities and participation in the global economy. It provides both a dense and nuanced ethnography that reveals important insights into a well-known case and materials, and also the development and... Les mer
An elegantly conceptualized and closely argued ethnographic work, this strikingly innovative study of cultural change should have a wide audience not only among area specialists but also among those working on Christianity, gender, and cultural change in other regions as well, who will need to engage its strong arguments that invite comparative application.’ – Joel Robbins, University of... Les mer