Department of Social Anthropology
Global Development Lecture 2014

Kjetil Bjorvatn (NHH) - Ruka Juu: “Edutainment” for entrepreneurship in Tanzania

The Global Development is an annual lecture organised by the programme for development studies. This year prof. Kjetil Bjorvatn is invited from NHH. The title of the lecture is "Ruka Juu: “Edutainment” for entrepreneurship in Tanzania" All interested are welcome!


Main content

Ruka Juu: “Edutainment” for entrepreneurship in Tanzania

Young people in developing countries typically have to create their own jobs. But the school system in most cases leaves them ill prepared for this task.
A key challenge for governments and NGOs is therefore how to reach out to the young generation and prepare them for a future as entrepreneurs. Television could be one option.

 We evaluate the impact of the education-entertainment (edutainment) show Ruka Juu (Jump Up), which was aired on national television in Tanzania during the spring of 2011. We find that the show affected the mind-set of the viewers and inspired them to start a business. However, our evidence also points to a negative effect of the show on school attendance and exam results.