Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting in Health (BCEPS)

Alrek Days 2023

BCEPS contributed greatly to the engaging and interactive programme on priority setting during this year's Alrek Days that ran from 20-22 September.

Alrek days 2023
Full audience at Alrek Days 2023
Maria Sollohub

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The annual Alrek Days were organised by the Alrek Health Cluster from 20-22 Septemeber. The Alrek Health Cluster is a partnership consisting of nine partners across research, higher education, primary and specialist health services, all of whom have departments or campuses in Bergen. The theme of this year’s conference was priority setting, and researchers from BCEPS contributed greatly to the engaging and interactive programme.

First out was professor Kjell Arne Johansson who participated in a panel debate about priority setting in Norwegian health care services together with representatives from Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen Municipality, the University College of Western Norway and the Norwegian Medical Association. He pointed to the need for identifying and comparing alternative uses of personnel and resources when prioritising among health interventions.

After lunch, BCEPS hosted a well-attended highly interactive seminar focusing on prioritisation and severity. This session was held in the auditorium of Haukeland University Hospital, where Professor Ingrid Miljeteig led both theoretical and hands-on discussions with researchers, policy makers and clinicians on how severity can be conceptualised and influence clinical practice. These discussions were initiated after informative presentations by BCEPS Faculty Professor Kjell Arne Johansson, Postdoctoral Research Fellow Andrea Melberg and PhD Research Fellow Sindre Horn.