International collaborators

BRuSH has an extensive network of international collaborators around the world

Solstrand group photo
BRuSH meeting Solstrand October 2021
Randi Bertelsen

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Research Center Borstel

Research Center Borstel, Germany – collaboration with experimental models - both in vivo and in vitro models. Postdoctoral fellow Martin Wolff is linked to our research group with funding through the Research Council of Norway. In addition, Professor Susanne Krauss-Etschmann and Professor Holger Heine are also important partners in the BRuSH project. 

Aarhus University

Aarhus Universitet, Denmark. In the BRuSH project, we work closely with Aarhus University. From the Department of Biology, Aeromicrobiology Research Group are Associate professor Tina Santl-Temkiv and Professor Ian Marshall and Professor Kai Finster important partners. We have in addition a longstanding collaboration with Professor Vivi Schlunssen and professor Torben Sigsgaard ved Institut for Folkesundhed, Forskningsenhet for Miljø, Arbejde og Sundhed. Aarhus university has been essential in the development of the protocol for analyses of endotoxins and bacteria in home environmental samples. Hesham Amin had a research stay at Aarhus University during his PhD-project and Tina and Vivi are co-supervisor for him. 

Denmark Technical University

Denmark Technical University, Denmark – collaboration on lipid A functional annotation with Professor Susanne Brix Pedersen

Osaka University

Osaka University, Japan - Organic Chemistry Division - collaborators for synthesized lipid-A forms with Professor Koichi Fukase and Assistant Professor Atsushi Shimoyama

National Institute of Health

National Institute of Health, USA: Our group works closely with Dr Shyamal Peddada and Dr. Huang Lin at the Biostatistics and Bioinformatic Branch, NICHD, NIH in Bethesda, USA. Peddada and Lin have developed biostatistical models for analyses of microbiomed-data and have contributed with their competance in several scientific papers from the BRuSH-group.