International collaborators

BRuSH has an extensive network of international collaborators around the world

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Research Center Borstel, Germany – collaboration with experimental models. Main collaborators are postdoctoral fellow Dr Martin Wolff, Professor Susanne Krauss-Etschmann and Professor Holger Heine

Aarhus Universitet, Denmark. Collaborators at the Department of Public Health, Professor Vivi Schlunssen and Professor Torben Sigsgaard, as well as at the Institute for Biology – Microbiology with researcher Tina Santl-Temkiv, Associate Professor Ian Marshall and Professor Kai Finster have been instrumental in developing protocols for home environmental samples and for microbiome and endotoxin analyses in the samples

Denmark Technical University, Denmark – collaboration on lipid A functional annotation with Professor Susanne Brix Pedersen

Osaka University, Japan - Organic Chemistry Division - collaborators for synthesized lipid-A forms with Professor Koichi Fukase and Assistant Professor Atsushi Shimoyama