Research Council of Norway

The Research Council of Norway is the government`s research policy advisor and the ministries, and allocates NOK 10 Bn. annually for research and innovation.

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Funding for the research project «Oral and Environmental Microbiome, Endotoxin and Lung Health; the “United Airways’ concept extended” was granted PI Randi J Bertelsen from the Research Council of Norway, BEDREHELSE-programmet. RCN-project number: 273838. This project is complementary to BRuSH.

The foundation for the RCN HEALTH program is as follows:

Good public health, high-quality health services and competitive health industries are goals for the Research Council's investments in health research and innovation. We invest in basic and applied research across the board from health promotion and prevention via diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disease to the organisation and streamlining of health and care services.

For more about the RCN BEDREHELSE-funding scheme, see RCN webpage