Experimental models

Experimental models on bacteria and lung disease

The experimental part of this project is lead by our partner institution in Borstel, Germany

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This project aims to investigate the influence of Lipid As derived from Porphyromonas gingivalis, which is a bacteria that can be found in the human oral cavity and has been linked to human periodontal disease. P. gingivalis can present different types of lipid As.

We will test chemically synthesized lipid As in human bronchial epithelial cells from healthy donors. These cells can also be treated with IL-13 to induce mucus to mimic the asthmatic lungs. After exposing the cells to chemically synthesized lipid As, inflammation end-points such as epithelial barrier function, cytokine production and viability will be measured

These studies will be complemented by in vivo studies in a mouse model of ovalbumin-induced "asthma" to provide information about how the different Lipid A forms modify airway inflammation, immune responses, and lung function in complex organisms. Use of dust extracts from the home environment of study participants of the ECRHS will also be tested in the experimental models – to assess whether the bacteria and microbial components from the home environment influence inflammation.

This project will be headed by Dr. Martin Wolff at Borstel Research Center, Germany