The UiB Brussels Office


How can the Brussels Office assist you?

Together with you, I can go over the topic description of the Horion2020 topics to make you understand what the European Commission is exactly looking for. This will also avoid that you step into easy-to-avoid pitfalls.

I can help you position yourself strategically in such a way that your ideas are noticed. This is mainly important to have an influence on the future work programmes. By doing so you will also understand the processes behind the genesis of a work programme which will give you an advantage once you start writing a project proposal.

If you have a great project idea but you are still missing a specific expertise to make your consortium complete, I will help you with finding the missing link.
Also, when you think you are the missing link of an existing consortium, I can help you with making yourself more visible.

I can also represent you at meetings in Brussels, take notes and give feedback to you. The best is that you are present at meetings yourself, but sometimes this is just impossible. In such a case a good alternative is sending me to your meeting.

The Brussels Office can be used for more practical reasons: the office has an extra room with everything you need to work, that can be used by everyone from the UiB. The Brussels Office is not my office, it is our office. In case you are in Brussels and you have some time to kill, feel free to pass by and make use of the extra working space. Next to the offices, the Brussels Office has a meeting room which can be used by everyone from the UiB. The room has a capacity of 88 people (conference style), a projector and all the facilities you need to invite your colleagues to Brussels. More about the office facilities