The UiB Brussels Office

The Brussels Office is moving

The UiB Brussels Office is relocating in March. The office offers practical and strategic support to groups and researchers who are interested in establishing networks applying for EU funding.

Byggning i Brusse. Tre stk veiend EU_flagg i solen

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In May 2019, it is three years since UiB first opened their own office in the capital of EU to strengthen the connection with the European Union. The office is there to help researchers to exploit their opportunities to work with new and exciting research through the EU programme Horizon 2020.

In March they are moving to a more modern building, only a few blocks away from today’s office – still in the heart of the European area. The new address is Guimardstraat 9, 1000 Brussels. The new offices will be shared with NORCE, NTNU and SINTEF.  

In the office you can find a meeting room you and your colleagues can use. Our colleagues at the office will bring everything you will need to create an effective and comfortable environment. They will help you find the best restaurants for dinner and lunch, while serve coffee and something to eat during your work.

Kristof Vlaeminck holder innledning på møte

Kristof Vlaeminck gives a talk at a meeting in today's Brussels Office. In March, the office is relocating to a new building i Brussels.


Through Horizon 2020, researchers from all over the world have the opportunity to apply for funds for their projects within the many fields where the EU wants to create new knowledge and information. 

Our contact person in Brussels

Head of the office, Kristof Vlaeminck, is available to help those of you who wishes to take advantage of the opportunity to apply for EU funding, with the help of the Research Administration office and the BOA-team.

By travelling to Brussels, you can make direct contact with those who handle the proposals within your field of research. EU's main goal with Horizon 2020 is for Europe to produce world-class research and science that drives economic growth and creates a better environment for its citizens.

Together, we can create innovation, efficiency and competitiveness to lead on the fight towards the many challenges we face. Kristof wishes to help you come in contact with potential partners to create a foundation for you to build new and productive projects upon. See all services from the office here.

UiB's priorities

UiB priorities within research are climate and energy transition, marine research and global societal challenges. All these areas are important within the Horizon 2020. 

Grand-Place i Brussel

Brussels is a great city to explore. Here is Grand-Place, the central square of the capital.

Yeo Khee via Unsplash.com