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Personal info 

I am Etigu Kenneth. I am a holder of a Post - Graduate Diploma in Teacher Education of Kyambogo University and Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy of Uganda Martyrs University. Currently, I am working with the Ministry of Education and Sports as a Graduate Tutor deployed to Rakai Primary Teachers' College. Before that, I was working in non state education implementing Education Quality program with Opportunity International and Can't Wait to Learn (CWTL) - an innovative Edu-Tech initiative with War Child Holland. As a teacher, I have taught at all levels including primary, secondary and teacher training.


Project info 


I am enrolled on Master of Education (Educational Foundations) taking Comparative Education as a specialty.



To discover and understand why ICT initiatives for learning have experienced a rather slow assimilation into the teaching practices of tutors.


Research questions:

i. What are the experiences of tutors when using ICT tools for teaching?

ii. Why do tutors rarely use ICT tools in their teaching practices?

iii. What are the attitudes and perspectives of tutors towards use of ICT in the classroom?

iv. What challenges do the tutors experience when using ICT tools in the classroom research?



i. Interviews

ii. Participant Observation

iii. Focus Groups

iv. Surveys