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Personal info

My name is Egonga Badhaga Saleh and a graduate of Makerere University of 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts degree with Education specializing in the teaching of English language and Literature. I have been privileged to teach in schools and institutions where students have either been introduced or not to the integration of ICT in face-to-face classroom settings as a way of facilitating their learning. As a lecturer at National Teachers College Kaliro, I boast of over 7 years teaching experience gained through teaching teacher trainees in subject content and advanced pedagogy.


Project info

I am affiliated to the Master of Education (Language and Literature Education) programme at the College of Education and External Studies at Makerere University.


My topic for research is: "Localising blended learning to develop English Language listening skills among in-service teacher trainees: A case study of NTC Kaliro." This will be in the field of English Language teacher education and in this case the National Teacher College of Kaliro in Uganda.


The basic research questions will be:

(i) What are the different available blended learning platforms in NTC Kaliro?

(ii) How do teacher trainees and trainers in NTC Kaliro adapt the blended learning platforms for their listening classroom experience?

(iii) How effective is adapted blended learning in teaching and learning listening in NTC Kaliro?


The research will use a qualitative approach and case study design of collecting data in a natural setting with researcher as a key instrument.