The CALENDARS project will empirically explore the relationship between different institutions’ ideas of seasons and their successful adaptation through an in-depth comparative study in two local communities in Norway and New Zealand.
The overall objective of the project is:

To advance knowledge and understanding of how seasonal representations shape and are shaped by institutions, and  to critically appraise the quality of these representations for contributing to successful adaptation to seasonal change.



Seasonal diaries
low sun over city houses at winter

Norway week 15-16

We continue our seasonal diaries in the times of lockdown; an update from Norway

Seasonal diaries
girl and dog in autumn leaves

New Zealand week 13-14

We continue our seasonal diaries in the times of lockdown. This time, an update from New Zealand

Seasonal diaries
Forrest with snow

Norway week 13-14

All over the world, from the start of March 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has led to various restrictions like social distancing, self-isolation, travel restrictions and enforced home office for many employees. For the CALENDARS project, the restrictions have much affected our work as fieldwork...

Progress report #2
Children playning with water

Reflections on the first six project months on the Coromandel

The CALENDARS project is still in it's first phase and the first year of the project has been filled with activities. We have had several workshops and public events as well as assemblage the full CALENDAR team in both Norway and New Zealand. Below you can read Dr Paul Schneider's ...

Progress report #1

A fast-filling Calendar

The CALENDARS project started on New Years day 2019, and it is off to an energetic start!

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This project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC), ERC-STG action, under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme Grant Agreement No 804150