Project team

Ph.D Sissel S.Aasheim, Dr. Paul Schneider, Dr.Scott Bremer, PhD. Kerstie van Zandvoort, PhD Elisabeth S.Jensen, Ms Mari Knudsen
Collage: Nina B. Dahl

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Dr. Scott Bremer is the coordinator and project leader of the CALENDARS project. Dr.Bremer's research background is in environmental planning and governance, and he is most interested in how science and other knowledge systems are used to support decisions and action in institutions; how do people come to understand a changeable climate in order to live with it? As project leader, Dr. Bremer’s challenge is to steer CALENDARS into the unstudied territory of seasonal ideas underpinning the institutions we move through each day.

Dr. Paul Schneider is the postdoctoral researcher of the CALENDARS project based on the Coromandel Peninsula. Dr.Schneider's research background is in climate change adaptation, coastal risk, and resilience governance. The social and physical setting of the Coromandel Peninsula, where Paul lives and works, has been a key aspect of his research for close to a decade.

PhD candidate Elisabeth Schøyen Jensen is the Bergen-based  PhD candidate of the CALENDARS project. Her background is in Sociology and Science and Technology Studies and she has previously worked at CICERO – Centre for International Climate Research.

PhD candidate Kerstie van Zandvoort is the Coromandel-based PhD candidate of the CALENDARS project. Her background in the natural sciences has been applied to two decades of working in practice as a consulting Landscape Architect & Environmental Planner.  Being based on the Coromandel Peninsula for the last seven years, Kerstie has acquired detailed insights to understanding the local socio-ecological landscapes of which it is comprised, while becoming increasingly aware of the immediate and future challenges they face in the context of global climate change.

PhD candidate Sissel Småland Aasheim supports the project leader in the day to day administration and running of the project. Aasheim is also working to conceptually and methodological define the project, by developing and testing research tools and frameworks. Her background is in social anthropology and she is currently a PhD candidate in the field of Science and Technology Studies. 

Ms Mari Knudsen  is the main financial officer on the project and responsible for all financial transactions and reporting in the project.