CanCode: Canonization and Codification of Islamic Legal Texts
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Project Team

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Project core team:

(co-financed by TMS and Faculty of Humanities)

  • Eirik Hovden (PhD), Project leader and researcher, 2020-2024. Work package C.
  • Nijmi Edres (PhD), Researcher, 2022-2023. Work package D.
  • Mahmood Kooria (PhD), Researcher (20%), 2020-2024, Work package A.
  • Monika Lindbekk (PhD), Researcher, 2021. Work package D.
  • Olav Elgvin (PhD), Post doctoral fellow. 2021-2024. Work package B.
  • Mohamed Aidarus Noor, PhD student. 2020-2024. Work package A.
  • Ebrahim Mansoor, PhD student. 2021-2025. Work package C.

Affiliated members: