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CanCode start-up retreat

The first meeting in the CanCode project, 3.-4. March, 2021.

Project group at Voss, Vestland, Norway
The project group at Voss, Vestland, Norway. From the left: Ebrahim Mansoor, Anne Bang, Eirik Hovden, Monika Lindbekk, Mohamed Noor, Knut Vikør, Olav Elgvin, Christian Mauder.
E Hovden

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The CanCode project had its internal start-up retreat, 3.-4. of March, 2021 at Voss, Norway. Despite the covid situation, we manage to hold the meeting physically, except for two project members who participated via Zoom. The aim of the retreat was to get to know each other better and to plan the coming months, most notably the upcoming kick-off event(s) in late May 2021.