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Center for Digital Narrative

Center for Digital Narrative

Humanities-driven research in electronic literature, games studies, digital culture, and computation to advance understanding of digital narrative.

CDN is a Norwegian Centre of Research Excellence funded by the Norwegian Research Council from 2023-2033. CDN focuses on algorithmic narrativity, new environments and materialities, and shifting cultural contexts. We will investigate how the interactions of human authors with non-human agents result in new narrative forms, how the materiality of digital narratives have changed, and how cultural contexts are reshaping the use and function of digital narrative.

Off Center
Mario Aquilina

Episode 20: AI Essayistic with Mario Aquilina

In this new episode of the podcast Off Center, Scott Rettberg is joined by Mario Aquilina, Associate Professor of English at the University of Malta. They discuss the definition of essay, the effects of AI on essays and whether there is an AI essayistic.
Jill Walker Rettberg

ERC wants to see what shapes the stories AI tells us

Professor Jill Walker Rettberg receives an ERC Advanced Grant to see how narrative archetypes influence the future of artificial intelligence.

Screenshot from "I Dreamt of Something Lost" by Florence Walker

Digital Culture students awarded with New Media Writing Prizes

Florence Walker og Emma Husa wins – and several others nominated.

CDN Director, Scott Rettberg

The Economist on "Cyborg authorship" and collective writing

Professor Scott Rettberg comments on collaborating with machines in literature.

Petter Helgesen og Benedicte Løseth i Forskingsrådet overleverer SFF-plakett til senterleiarane Scott Rettberg og Jill Walker Rettberg.

"Be a light house, and show the way forward"

CDN opening on December 11th, with Rector, Research Council and Drummer Boys.

Norwegian Centre of Excellence

A Centre of Excellence – Senter for fremragende forskning – Funded by the Norwegian Research Council and the University of Bergen. Project no. 332643