Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)

VVV CET Lunch: Climate justice and action in cities

Welcome to our special Varmere Våtere Villere (Climate festival in Bergen) CET Lunch seminar in collaboration with Fremtenkt. Join this panel conversation at the Public Library of Bergen

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Join us at the Public Library of Bergen.

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This special CET Lunch panel conversation is in collaboration with Fremtenkt and part of the umbrella programme of the Varmere, Våtere, Villere (The Climate festival in Bergen) 

We invite you to join us for a conversation about what climate justice and action can look like in cities. How do we speed up the transition while contributing to a more just and fair society globally? How can local governments, their population and the national governments tackle these goals together? To discuss this, we have gathered actors from academia, the public sector and civil society.

Open for everyone. The event will be in English.

Panel participants:

Moderator: Håvard Haarstad, Professor and Director, Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation.

  • Yann Robiou Du Pont, Marie Curie researcher at Utrecht University.
  • Stina Oseland, Climate Director in City of Bergen
  • Anja Bakken Riise, Leader, Framtiden i våre hender (Future in our hands)
  • Toril Eidesvik, Board Professional, Zahlahuset. 

Immediately following the CET lunch, Fremtenkt and CET invites everyone to a workshop where, using methods from futures studies, we will explore what the city of Bergen could be like at the end of a just and fair transition to a sustainable society.

The workshop will be held in Norwegian with live summaries and dedicated tables for those who are more comfortable discussing in English.

About the panel participants:

- Yann Robiou Du Pont, Utrecht University

As a Marie Curie fellow at Utrecht University, my research seeks to explore the implications of the unfairness of countries actual and pledges emissions levels. To inform decision making, I quantify equitable responsibilities for emissions mitigation efforts and climate finance across countries, and local governments. Aside from academia, I have advised diplomatic teams from the EU and vulnerable countries, informed courts for climate litigation cases and local governments on their emissions targets.

- Stina Oseland, Climate Director, City of Bergen

Stina E. Oseland is the director of the Climate Agency in the City of Bergen. She used to be a phd fellow at CET, and holds a phd from UiB.