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2018: Winners of Best Research Presentations: Marie H. Solheim and Anny Gravdal

The annual conference "Best Research Presentations" was held by Forskerskolen in Clinical Medicine the January 24.-26. at Haukeland University Hospital.

Forskerskolen i klinisk medisin

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Forkerskolen is for PhD candidates at Clinical institute 1 and Clinical institute 2, and in addition to yearly courses and seminars, they arrange the annual event "Best Research Presentations". This year the conference was held at Haukeland University Hospital, ending with music and an award ceremony in Sentralblokken.

Congratulations to Marie H. Solheim and Anny Gravdal

Two of the PhD candidates at Center for Diabetes Research won in different categories. Marie H. Solhem was awarded "Best Oral Presentation" (Conserved p85α SH2 domain residues play differential roles in p85α-IRS-1 binding), while Anny Gravdal was the winner of the "People's Choice" category (Role of carboxyl ester lipase (CEL) in pancreatic disease: Functional characterization of CEL protein variants differing in C-terminal sequence).