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Curious about Keenious?

Would you like to get to know the AI tool Keenious? The University Library would like to invite students and staff to participate in a workshop where we will test Keenious.

Illustration of AI brain and human brain collaborating

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What is Keenious? 

Keenious is a search tool that assists you in finding potentially relevant research articles by analyzing text. This could be a text written by you or articles from your field. Keenious analyzes your text using artificial intelligence and presents search results based on key words and concepts in the analyzed text. Learn more here

About the workshop 

The goal of this workshop is to gain a better understanding of how well Keenious functions as a supplement to search platforms like Oria or article databases. This workshop provides you with the opportunity to become more acquainted with Keenious and explore the utility this tool may have within your field. Currently UiB has a temporary license, and your participation will be valuable in considering whether Keenious could be a useful supplement to UiB's existing search tools.  

During the workshop, you will start with text from your field of study and explore the extent to which the literature suggested by Keenious is relevant compared to traditional search platforms.