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FPD-Include Project Awarded €400,000 Erasmus+ Grant for Inclusive Pharmacy Education

The University of Bergen's Centre for Pharmacy has been granted a prestigious Erasmus+ cooperation partnership grant of €400,000 over 36 months for their FPD-Include project. FPD-Include, which stands for Faculty Professional Development for inclusion in pharmacy education, is a collaborative effort involving Utrecht University, San Pablo-CEU, Helsinki University, and the University of Bergen as the coordinator, with Mirey Alfarah leading the project as main researcher.

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Pharmacy care
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The main objective of the FPD-Include project is to promote inclusiveness and cultural responsiveness in pharmacy education. By providing educators with the necessary resources and strategies, the project aims to equip future pharmacists with the tools to provide patient-centered care that is culturally responsive and inclusive.

Under the FPD-Include project, the following activities will take place:

  • Design and implementation of a Collaborative Online International Learning course (COIL) on inclusive teaching for pharmacy educators.
  • Development of an open-access digital toolkit for educators, offering practical resources and strategies to create inclusive and culturally responsive learning environments.
  • Creation of a self-sustained dynamic community of practice among pharmacy educators.

By fostering collaboration and providing valuable resources, the FPD-Include project aims to advance inclusive pharmacy education and empower educators to embrace diversity, equity, and accessibility in their teaching.

“The Centre for Pharmacy is honored to lead the FPD-Include project, which prioritizes inclusiveness and cultural responsiveness in pharmacy education," said Reidun Kjome, the Centre for Pharmacy Leader. "We believe this initiative will have a significant impact on shaping the future of healthcare professionals, ensuring they are equipped to provide high-quality care to patients from all backgrounds."

The FPD-Include project is set to begin on 1st of December 2023 and will span three years, resulting in a comprehensive set of resources and strategies for pharmacy educators worldwide. This project has the potential to transform pharmacy education, promoting a more inclusive and culturally responsive approach to patient care.

For more information about the FPD-Include project and the Centre for Pharmacy at the University of Bergen, please contact:

Mirey Alfarah

Postdoctoral researcher, Project leader

Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care