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Benjamin Robson as supervisor

Postdoc Benjamin Robson is a supervisor for master projects in physical geography.

Topado glacier
Ben Robson
Topado 2019 vs. 2020
Ben Robson

Main content

Benjamin Robson presents his academic interests and suggestions for new master projects.

Academic interests

Generally I am interested in using remote sensing method to study changes in landforms and landscapes, primarily glacial and periglacial environments (clean ice glaciers, debris-covered glaciers, and rock glaciers) but also in natural hazards (landslides, flooding etc). If you are interested in having either a major or minor remote sensing component in a master thesis, please get in touch. Below I have detailed one suggested project related to the work I am currently doing. 

Suggested master project

High-resolution monitoring of Tapado Glacier (Chile) using frequent UAV acquisitions and sub-metre satellite imagery 

This project will involve close co-operation with researchers at CEAZA and may include the opportunity to travel to La Serena and the Tapado Region. The project will involve processing approximatley monthly UAV imagery over two sites on Tapado Glacier to study high spatial and temporal resolution changes in the glacier over an ablation season. In particular, examining the interaction between glacial lakes and mass change, and investigating rates of ablation on the glacier tongue. The UAV analysis will be complimented by sub-metre Pleiades and GeoEye satellite imagery over the entire glacier system. 

Send an email to Benjamin.Robson@uib.no.