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Practical Skills in Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis

Remote sensing and GIS are some of the most sought after skills in geography graduates, following demand from students, Gidske Andersen and Benjamin Robson are launching the first Remote Sensing course at the University of Bergen.

Sentinel 2 image of the Lena Delta, Russia
Sentinel 2 image of the Lena Delta, Russia

Main content

GEO316 Practical skills in Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis will run over a three week period in the second half of the spring semester, and is oriented towards providing students on all levels comprehensive understanding and practical experience in a variety of remote sensing techniques. Emphasis will be on both the underlying theory of the methodologies, and providing students practical hands on experience in applying the methods to real datasets and providing a framework that can later be used for individual theses or dissertations.

The course will introduce the students to different software packages and includes expert guest lecturers om selected topics.

Key methods taught

  • Image pre-processing
  • Image classification and time-series analysis
  • Object-Based Image Analysis
  • Photogrammetry and topolgraphic analysis
  • LiDAR processing
  • Radar remote sensing - Synethic Aperature Radar and InSAR