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GEO Seminar with Claudiu Eduard Nedelciu

We are happy to invite you to the seminar led by Claudiu Eduard Nedelciu from UiB System Dynamics Group. We will meet physically, but you can follow the presentation via Zoom, too.

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Welcome to GEO seminar with Claudiu Eduard Nedelciu!
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Wagner vs. Ligeti: moving beyond mining narratives in deep sea governance

Speaker: Claudiu Eduard Nedelciu (University of Bergen)
Topic: Wagner vs. Ligeti: moving beyond mining narratives in deep sea governance
Time: 1 June 12:15-13:00
Place: Room 744 or ZOOM

Current processes that shape deep-sea governance are rooted in green growth ambitions. The main goal is to increase the stock of materials for the energy “transition”, car manufacturing, digitalization, and production of electronic devices. Policy-makers' approach – from the International Seabed Authority to the Norwegian government – is extractivist in nature, technology-oriented, and governed by neoclassical economics. However, the deep-sea ecosystem is highly sensitive to anthropogenic impacts. It is also a space that should accommodate a plurality of values, both monetary and non-monetary. In this seminar, Eduard Nedelciu is presenting ongoing research that highlights the necessity to allow a plurality of voices to shape deep-sea governance for the realities of the Anthropocene. By using a systems thinking framework rooted in degrowth theory, he explores alternative values, beliefs, and tools that could be used to normalize participatory governance for the deep sea, and that go beyond deep-sea mining and the commodification of nature.