Department of Geography

Modeling an Inclusive Green Economy

An International Workshop sponsored by the Partnership for Action on Green Economy, in collaboration with the Millennium Institute (MI) and the University of Bergen.

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This international workshop will take stock of the major modeling tools that can be used for assisting policy making in the context of inclusive green economy and green growth development at the country level, as well as at sub-national and sectoral levels. Such tools should support decision makers by providing a clearer picture of the long term implications of policies and by highlighting the need for cooperation among different sectors to achieve overall greener programs. During the workshop strengths and weaknesses of the major models will be compared and options for cooperation among key institutions including the PAGE partners, other international agencies, MI, the University of Bergen and others will be identified. The workshop’s objective is to guide the future improvement to modeling tools for supporting technical assistance to countries interested in pursing inclusive green economy pathways.

The workshop will include representatives from PAGE agencies, PAGE partner countries, MI, University of Bergen. Green economy/green growth policy analysts and modelers from other institutions are invited. Policy makers from interested countries, system dynamics and other macroeconomic/sectoral modelers will also attend. The workshop is expected to end with options for collaboration to improve the modeling tools for inclusive green economy policy making. In addition, it aims to create a critical mass of modelers who can provide technical support to help countries transition to a Green Economy.