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Ragnhild Overå as supervisor

Professor Ragnhild Overå supervises master projects in human geography.

Ragnhild Overå
Ragnhild Overå

Research interests

Ragnhild Overå is a human geographer mainly working in Ghana and other African countries. Research interests include gender, entrepreneurship, informal economies, food and nutrition security, small-scale fisheries, land conflicts, petroleum industry, natural resource management, migration and sustainable urban development.

Overå has supervised master projects on a wide range of topics in African countries, Norway and Greenland.

She encourages students’ development of their own research ideas. Students are also welcome to become part of ongoing research projects:

1. Small Fish and Food security (SmallFishFood): Towards innovative integration of fish in African food systems to improve nutrition

Investigates the contribution of small fish species such as anchovies and sardines to the food and nutrition security of low-income groups in Ghana, Kenya and Uganda.

2. Mapping marine resource conflicts across sub-Saharan Africa: patterns, drivers and solutions for coastal communities (MARICA)

Investigates how people in coastal communities in Ghana, South Africa and Kenya perceive marine resource conflicts (related to for example illegal fishing, oil industry, tourism development, plastic pollution) and how these can be solved.

3. Enclaving: Patterns of global futures in three African cities

Investigates urbanisation and multiple inequalities in three African cities: Johannesburg, Maputo and Accra.


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