Global Challenges

Actionable knowledge to meet global challenges

How can your research contribute to solving global challenges? How do you design, conduct and communicate research to stimulate social change? And how do you create actionable knowledge?

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The annual Bergen Summer Research School (BSRS) is an interdisciplinary venue for PhD candidates who want to explore some of the greatest challenges of our time. This summer we will look at the interfaces between science, society and global challenges.

Bergen, Norway, from 8-18 June, 2020

Five parallel courses will explore key global challenges, including climate governance, sustainable cities, media & democracy, food systems, and migrant health.

Together with cross-cutting keynotes and social events, the courses will help 100 PhD candidates to develop skills to create actionable knowledge.

Scientific Director for BSRS 2020 is Professor Håvard Haarstad, Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET), Department of Geography.

Our courses this summer:
Cities in climate and energy transformations

Global climate governance regime

Determinants of migrants’ health

Global food systems

Media for democracy?

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Bergen Summer Research School is a joint effort by the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Chr. Michelsen Institute, NHH Norwegian School of Economics, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS, and the University of Bergen.