Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care
Department Day

Department Day 2017 in the Aula

The Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care (IGS) held its annual Department Day in the University Aula, 10 May.

Department Day
Thorkild Tylleskär

Main content

2 main themes

The Day primarily focused on 2 themes: Internationalisation and Communication. In addition to presentations by researchers, students and leaders from the Department, there were a number of guest speakers, including: Kristof Vlaeminck, UiB’s representative in Brussels; Nina Langeland, the Dean of the Medical Health Faculty; Ryuta Kawashima, Executive Director of the Smart-Aging Research Center at Tohoku University; Markus Moe, Editor of Dagens Medisin; and Marion Solheim, Senior Communication Advisor at the Medical Health Faculty.


Poster competition

IGS’ PhD candidates were asked to participate in a poster competition. Prizes were given for the 3 best posters:

  1. Prize: Eirin K. Skaftun
  2. Prize: David Mukunya
  3. Prize: Janne L. Gjerde

Prizes were also awarded for IGS’ “Publication of the Year” to Nina Øyen for the publication «Prepregnancy Diabetes and Offspring Risk of Congenital Heart Disease - A Nationwide Cohort Study»

All in all it was a wonderful opportunity for all at IGS to meet across research group and research theme lines. The Day rounded off with a performance of “Sommernatt ved fjorden” by researcher and pianist Trond Riise.


Thanks to many for the hard work behind planning this day: research committee at IGS for a great arrangement; Trond Riise, Ingrid Miljeteig, Magne Bråtveit, Sverre Litleskare, Marion Solheim, Susanne Meidell, Makalani Myrtveit, Anja Maria Steinsland Ariansen, and Daniel Gundersen (and others!).