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Hilde Engjom received the Marie Spångberg award for 2018

Engjom is first author on the article "Risk of eclampsia or HELLP- syndrome by institution availability and place and delivery – A population – based cohort study". The Marie Spångberg award is established by the Representative Body of the Norwegian Medical Association in connection with the 100 year anniversary in 1993 for Marie Spångberg. The first Norwegian woman to become a doctor.

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Gunhild Koldal

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The award was presented at the Norwegian Medical Association national board meeting 2019 in Kristiansand.

The article discusses travel time to hospial and possible life threatening conditions with preeclampsia. The committee said that the work is of high quality and the recommendation is unanimous. Professor Kari Klungsøyr, also at IGS, is the last author on the article. The work is linked to the research group working on Registrybased studies of familial risks

IGS congratulates the authors!