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New Book: Praxeology

“Praxeological Nursing Science – what is it? A discussion with subjective and objective alternatives.”

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The book is written by Professor Karin Anna Petersen, Professor of Praxeology at the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care, and Staf Callewaert, Professor emeritus at the University of Copenhagen. It is published, in Danish, by Hexis.dk. (Read more on Amazon and on Adlibris)

Bourdieu and Praxeology
In their book cover summary, the authors state that the term “praxeology” is taken from an article by Pierre Bourdieu and concerns three different forms for theoretical knowledge: the subjective or phenomenological, the objective and the praxeological.  The authors stress that their work highlights independent nursing science and not nursing sociology. They aim to provide training in nursing science that is grounded in the humanities and social experience science.

The book is relevant to researchers, students and interns.