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Wages are paid on the 12th every month. The first payment is normally delayed due to slowness in the system. For foreign citizens who do not yet have a bank account, an advance payment can be arranged–please contact Elin Pedersen, room 352. In such a situation a written check can be issued and picked up at the salary office, Christiesgt. 18 (No. 24 on this campus map).

Others must wait for ordinary payment.

Foreign citizens must fill in the form "Søknad om skattekort for utenlandske borgere/Application for a tax card for foreign citizens", as soon as possible (forms are available here) and deliver it to the tax office “Bergen likningskontor”, Nonnesetergaten 4, 5015 Bergen. Until you have acquired a tax card,  50% tax will be deducted from your pay.  



Apply for a parking permit here.  The IFT parking lot is not big. The permit should be placed behind the windscreen. If you park without a permit, you will risk being towed.


Access to the university computer system

You need to apply for a broad access to the university computer system. This also applies for employees with former student access to the computer system. Application is sent electronically to SEBRA

For access to local recourses please contact Magne Håvåg, in room 405.

If there are problems with your e-mail account, please contact the Head of Administration Grete K. Ersland.


Keys – copy machine

Keys and key cards (for the main entrance door) are picked up at the front desk reception, room 346. Key- and ID-card application form is attached. To be able to photocopy on the institute’s copy machine (in room 376) one needs the key card.


Office supplies - mail

Supplies are handed out at the front desk. This is where all out going mail is delivered. Incoming mail is placed in post shelves in room 130 on the first floor, to the right from the main entrance door, and mail must be picked up there.