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IT security is more important than ever – universities are specially targeted

We hear every day that the security situation has changed and security measures are becoming more important. In the National Security Authority's Digital Risk Assessment, which was recently published for 2022, three areas of society are identified that are particularly exposed to various types of cyber attacks.

Sidsel Storebø, Chief Information Security Officer at UiB

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The three areas are:

  • Technology companies
  • Research and development
  • Public administration bodies

The university, which conducts research and innovation and is at the same time a public institution, is an obvious target for such attacks.

At the IT division we have strengthened our ability to follow up IT security incidents by creating an Incident Response Team (IRT). When fully operational, the team will assist our security officers in uncovering, following up, cleaning, repairing and proposing improvements when an incident occurs. The IRT is made up of people from the IT division who cover various operational areas and have good expertise in their field.

The security team and IRT should primarily be contacted via UiBhjelp, where you can report breaches of IT security, request advice etc.

We depend on all employees to be aware of IT security, to be vigilant and to report any IT security breaches they discover. We recommend that everyone take out e-learning course in data protection and information security.

UiB also recognizes that our PCs are targets for attacks. We see that attacks not only come via the web, but also via memory sticks. UiB has therefore implemented some new measures to better protect our data and PCs. These give us more precise and faster notification so that we can notify people who are exposed to this.

One simple thing you can do to secure yourself and UiB, which costs nothing, is to lock your screen every time you leave your PC or Mac. The IT division has received several notifications about employees leaving their conputer without locking the screen. To remind each other of this simple measure, we have printed a number of stickers that you can put on your conputer or monitor. In the IT division, we will leave stickers on the computers we see left unlocked. Departments can order stickers by contacting the IT divsion. Two sets of stickers have been made, suitable for PC and Mac, respectively.


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